Our field operations are based on decades of experience of protecting VIP’s, delegations and dignitaries around the globe.

As team leaders and former executives in the ISA (Israeli Security Agency) we have a great experience in setting a security plan based on intelligence , establish work relationship with the local authorities and provide the security needed for our clients worldwide.

Our vip protection detail is "on-call" 24/7, we have the ability to provide full security coverage within 24 hours  worldwide

— Maor Yaacov, Ceo


Close protection services are endless; In order to provide a tailor-made services to each of our clients we have developed a unique approach at Sparta. In order to identify the specific needs of our  clients we provide a full security survey based on investigation of the parameters of their lives.

After gathering the relevant information that is required relevant in order to determine the level of security that is needed, we create the budget for the mission based on what is necessary needs after taking the client’s budget under consideration.

Our approach works on multiple levels, implementing levels of security based on intelligence that we gather constantly on the client in order to provide a suitable level of security for him or her. When there is a threat we will upgrade the level of security as agreed in advance until a certain level has been reached or the threat has been mitigated.

Prioritization is essential in VIP protection due to the fact that there is always a budget that needs to be taken into account, Thus the ability to decide what to provide and use in every scenario is essential.

The key is to invest most of one's resources for prevention instead of mitigation

— Maor Yaacov, CEO


As a global security agency it is essential to have an ability to provide the same level of security in every city that our clients visit.

In Israel we have the highest capabilities, such as armed agents, armored vehicles, local support network and authorization to enter all of the governmental sites.


We also have great experience in a lot of countries in Africa including an office in Accra, Ghana. A lot of our corporate clients are visiting the continent occasionally due to its potential growth. We have a great experience and strong abilities in most of the countries in the continent.

The United States is one of our main activity fields, we have established a branch in Manhattan New York in order to provide immediate services in the East Coast.
We have the same capabilities in the US as in Israel due to our local branch and strategic partners in the East and West Coast.


— Maor Yaacov, CEO


Now you can experience the highest level of security. Our trained and experienced team has a vast history of operations, and consist of ex operators in the ISA (Israeli Security Agency) from the Dignitary Protection Unit.

All of our agents are keep the same level of training they had while in the governmental’s service, making sure their tactical and theoretical skills are continuously honed and upgraded in order to stay ready and capable to handle any threat that may occur.

We had hundreds of security operations around the globe for close protection services , ranging from private security details, training presidential guards, corporate close protection jobs, protection of musicians and other entertainers in Israel and all over the world in tours and in private trips.

Do not compromise when it comes to your personal security, hire our team of highly trained professionals !