Our agency provides a wide range of anti surveillance services across corporate organizations, public or private sector. Along the years we have retained a high level of proficiency and the most advanced technology there is in the market.

The services we provide within the subject are wide in scope and include the following services:

  • Computer sweeps-The sweep contains cleanup and analysis of the computer stations and all is done after examining the network’s traffic.
  • Wiretaps sweeps- The sweep contains a full check of an area such as an office, specific room/meeting room, hotel rooms, vehicles and so on.
  • Mobile devices investigations- The mobile forensic solution enables advanced decoding, extraction, analysis of all the mobile data. Even if it was deleted a long time ago it is possible to perform a logical, physical and password extraction of all data from the device. The range of the devices really wide and include smart phones, tablets, GPS devices even devices even devices manufactured with Chinese chipsets.
  • Cyber- A wide range of services in the company network in order to identify malicious codes.

Our agency provides wide range of investigations to the corporate sector


Private investigation services in the private sector are relevant mostly for high end businesspersons who normally face potential conflicts on a daily basis.

Sparta provides individuals with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis of the situation.
Our unique approach in that field allows us to think outside the box and provide intelligence services for a person within the limitations of the law in each country.

The subject of the investigation can be a partner, an employee someone who is making threats or any other person or organization.

Private investigation services in the private sector are relevant mostly for high end businesspersons which normally facing conflicts on a daily basis



Special operations are required when it seems that the known ways to solve a problem are not effective, can’t be used or it seems like there is no known way to solve it.

Our abilities and experience at the governmental and private sector allows us to think outside the box and find a new and effective ways to solve an unsolvable situation.

The platform of each operation are different and are adapted to the specific details of the specific problem.
Our activities can take place anywhere in the globe using the human factor with the relevant technology, we often operate shoulder to shoulder with local agents in order to utilize the local security personnel’s capabilities.

"There are no rules in saving lives or solving an unsolvable problem, all you need is experience and the ability to come up with out of the box solutions"

- Maor Yaacov, CEO


Personal safety is critical when you are exposed to people that would like to harm you, who find information about you or manipulate your surroundings in order to take over your life, blackmail you or any offensive activity against you.

If you think it might happen you probably need to safe our contact us, in today’s world all of us are exposed through our computers, cellular devices, websites and social networks, we need to assume there is information we would like to keep for our personal use and not exposed to others.

We will provide you a way out in almost every scenario, if you find yourself in a situation that seems impossible to overcome call us and we will be at you service in no time.