SPARTA is a cutting edge professional security company led by former highly skilled executives from the Israeli security and intelligence agencies.
Sparta’s headquarters based in Israel with strategic branches in New York, Accra-Ghana, Budapest-Hungary and Buenos Aires-Argentina, Mexico city, Munich and other strategic partners in cities around the world in order to provide solid and permanent services.

Our unique approach combines human intelligence, technology, super coordinated and trained teams with years of joint operations globally and the ability to provide covert and overt operations in a various areas and fields.
We have a proven track record in government, corporate and private sectors in a state level services.


Our operations managed as a governmental agency using unique skills, highly trained manpower and years of experience in security, investigation, training and special operations.

We combine state of the art technology which allows us to fully support each and every mission, the services we provide are unique and professional, all of our activities are insured by an international insurance agencies.


We have a global spread in order to provide our clients a worldwide services in hours from a phone call to anywhere in the globe, Our immediate response teams in the intelligence and security fields are on call with the ability to reach anywhere within up to 24 hours from request. The team include man and women between the ages 25-45 with an intensive operational experience multi languages speakers and double passports if required in specific areas.