Our agency provides a wide range of logistics services for the corporate sector, organizations, public or private companies along the years need logistics services in order to prepare a visit of a designated principal or a delegation/VIP. Sparta has developed a “One Stop Shop” service which combine all the needs of the clients in one place, we provide the overall logistics for the visit.

The logistics services we provide are wide in scope and include the following services:

  • Vehicles- We provide a long list of vehicles including luxury vehicles (Mercedes S-class, Maserati, Armoured and unarmoured suv’s, Small luxury buses and a lot more).
  • Professional drivers- Sparta is the only company in Israel which is licenced to drive the formal motorcades of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, our drivers has an extensive experience within the Israeli governmental agencies and at the present providing a state level motorcade services from the behalf of the country.
  • VIP services at the airport- Our agents are licensed to get into the aerial field in Israel and meet our clients at the gate of the plane when needed, we provide all kind of services for clients coming in and our of the country.
  • Handling services- We provide full handling services for a private jets as required.
  • Hotel & luxury apartments- Sparta provide wide range of apartments in Tel Aviv and Herzliya, we also provide a special rates for luxury hotels in Israel as needed.
  • Helicopters and yachts- When it relevant to our clients needs we provide helicopters and yachts for hours or days as required.

Our agency provides wide range of logistics services to our clientsr


From time to time we provide a second perimeter security for our clients at the country level which are an undercover activities as a second perimeter, a static security at the hotel floor or combined security force.

In Israel most of the hotel have a security personnel while their mission is to maintain the safety and the security of the hotel and its visitors we add a different layer of security which focused on our inner perimeter at the principal/s rooms. Some of the governmental visitors to Israel get a specific security services from the ISA at a state level security, the level of security or the option to get security is in the hand of the protocol of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and the ISA. Our ex ISA agents are 24/7 ready to work and we provide the services sometimes as part of the governmental operation and in other times we provide the security which the country do not provide.

Due to the fact our employees are ex ISA we can fully collaborate with the state level officials in order to help our clients retain a smooth visit as required.

Logistics services for a visit must be managed carefully, logistics will determine the success or the failure of the visit



A visit to Israel can be an amazing experience, for those who seek for an adventure, military tourism and learn about Israel from the soldiers at the special forces, enjoy extreme activities and explore the country different than everybody. We work with the top of the line unique travelling companies own by ex special forces which suggests the following activities:

  • Rappeling
  • Shooting range
  • Visit to a military units
  • Take part in a staged special operation
  • Rafting at the Jordan river
  • Skydiving
  • Jeep tour or RZR / ATV in the desert (Optional is a tour to Jordan)
  • Diving at the Red Sea (Scuba or Snorkeling)

Ask us for more information and we will build an unforgettable visit especially for you.

"Let us show you Israel like you never thought it possible"

- Maor Yaacov, CEO