Our experience taught us that there is no security platform which can stand alone, all platforms are penetrable if there aren’t multiple levels of security, training and protocols.

One can possess the best antivirus or IT security software available but without properly trained personnel and solid security procedures the organization will be penetrable.

Sparta’s red-team provides a high level of penetration tests while analysing the threats and the weaknesses of  the organization.

Sparta present to their clients a movie which shows the attack from the eyes of Sparta’s red-team and a detailed report which explains what are the gaps if there are any and recommendations how to minimize them.

Our experience taught us that there is no security platform which can stand alone, all platforms are penetrable if not using few levels of security, training and protocols

— Maor Yaacov, CEO


Sparta’s penetration tests and vulnerability analysis simulate an attacks which are relevant nowadays to every individual (Phishing, Trojans), corporations (industrial espionage) and governments.

Our highly skilled team provides a simulated attack which combines the human factor with the technological abilities in order to check the vulnerability of the clients.

The product itself will point out the vulnerabilities in the organization regarding its IT security and a list of recommendations for upgrading the security protocols and other software if needed.

As a byproduct we provide an analysis of the IT security level and an assessment of the potential lost in the organization.

Our controlled cyberattacks point-out the gaps in the IT security perimeter

— Maor Yaacov, CEO


Cybercrimes become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, backed by the money and expertise of organised crime groups who are well-resourced and efficient as professional business organisations.

Sparta provides an overall analysis in order to minimize the threats of today’s attacks.

Crime organizations learned how to attack cloud storages, personal emails, computers or cellphones and take the information inside it hostage.

Cybercrime operations typically have teams dedicated to looking at open source intelligence, targets’ physical environments, weaknesses in supply chains, and for potential collaborators inside target organisations. This allows them to conduct sophisticated, blended attacks that involve a combination of actions against a range of vulnerabilities, making them difficult to detect and defend against.

In the second quarter of 2016, cyber crime attacks continued to grow across all segments, up 50% compared with the same period


All of Sparta’s tests are tailor-made for its clients, there is no product which fits all the clients, since every organization is different, use a different software, different protocols and different “secrets” to hide from its competitors.

That is why we work according to the client’s needs, the main goal is to identify the threats, define them and then build the relevant tests.

Often, we find breaches in the structure which can be some of the employees or other executives in the organization, who might have caused information leaks knowingly or unknowingly.

It is essential to build a protocol for every scenario in order to contain it without alerting the people responsible for the leak.

When it comes to your most important information you need professionals.