Sparta has vast experience in the music industry providing high level of proficiency that is so necessary in that field.

We offer to the producers, Close protection service in Israel, tour managers and the artist/musician a “one stop shop” which means we provide all the necessary services for the visit including vehicles, drivers, security details and any other relevant need regarding the physical security or transportation on ground during the tour.

Each tour starts with a risk assessment which analyses the threats in each region, identifying the “no-go” areas, explaining the relevant threats and suggesting the level of security on each site.

We usually work with a team which which is comprised of the tour’s head of security, 2-3 security agents in the close protection detail and an advance agent.
The security detail will usually use 1-2 local security agents from one of our strategic partners in each region.

Sparta have vast experience in the music industry providing high level of proficiency that is so necessary in that field


Sparta has a great experience in productions and venue security in Israel, we work with most of the producers in the country, Sparta has strong connections at the Ben-Gurion Airport which allows us to set a higher level of security there and to get the necessary cooperation that is required when getting out the Masada lounge for VIP’s.

We also provide all kind of vehicles including an armored vehicles for the use of our client, Our fleet based on Mercedes S-class, ML350, BMW X6, Mercedes Sprinter and Viano’s.

Our agency operates as a one stop shop and provides to the musician/vip all the needs during their stay in Israel, such as lodging, tour guides and so on.

The idea is to let the artist and the tour manager to get everything ready, the advance director will provide a full detailed visit program with information and pictures of the staff, vehicles, rooms in the visit, a signed NDA from the staff who will be involved in the tour, routes for the visit, hospitals, relevant location of the embassy and every other details the tour manager might want to have in hir or her plan.

Our agency operates as one stop shop and provide to the musician/vip all the needs during the stay across the arrival, hotel, tour guide etc

— Maor Yaacov, Ceo


Sparta specializes in covert operations and undercover activity; our abilities allows us to suggest a plan based on diversion, deception and routine changes.

This allows the artist/vip to enjoy the stay in Israel without the constant disruption of paparazzi and fans, We often use specific restaurant which allows us to get a private room and get to it covertly from the back entrance or the kitchen.

Low profile vacations turned a potentially unpleasant vacation into a pleasant one.

Low profile vacations turned a potentially unpleasant vacation into a pleasant one.

— Maor Yaacov, CEO


Sparta has provided security services for a wide range of events.

As the security directors we will get the artist to the stage on time, We have amicable relationships with the local authorities and we have strategic partners in every region which helps us get the collaboration we need.

The back stage will be cleared from any spectators, there will be a constant security presence at the band’s/artist’s rooms in order to make sure no one will touch or take a picture of our client and his or her belongings.

We use a detailed security rider with local security companies and we work with riders of other global security agencies when we are the locals while providing services in Israel.

A tour for a musician is a great mix of tense, logistics and fun, we invite you to use our expertise in that field.