Sparta provide security for strategic facilities and high threat level which combined integration of technology. Training, manpower recruitment, protocols and implementation of protocols in order to achieve a high level of security and integration of all forces. As a leading security agency Sparta employee management and operative levels of manpower in order to cover all the stops of activities in the aviation security.

The methodology Sparta works with is a combination of Israeli technology, security methods and integration of it


A complicated multilayer security facility have hundreds of cameras, phones, detectors and mixed cctv abilities which create endless hours of video and alerts. It is essential to have a proper technology and software which will minimize the alerts and unwanted video feeds in real time and keep them available for investigation but not in real time if not relevant. Sparta provide protocols, methods and softwares which can integrate into existing cctv systems and help the security force to deal with the important and essential alarms and videos. Control room in an airport is the place where all the information flow into, without proper management and the right tools it will be impossible to provide proper response. We will create a working methodology which will be using Israeli management tools in order to build a manageable control room where it will be possible to manage real time events and at the same time investigate back if needed.


One of the most common threats in aviation security is the ability of the adversary to bring weapons and explosives on board a plane and use it for highjacking the plane or create an attack in the sky. Sparta employee management and field operators who specialized in screening, AED security check, activating magnometer gates and x-ray machines.