Our agency provides a wide range of residences security services for the diplomatic community sector based in Israel, Diplomats stationed in Israel often use security for special venues and some of the diplomats use security at a daily bases in order to prevent any criminal or terror activities at the embassy or the residences.

The security services we provide include the following services:

  • Permanent residence security- We station our agent at the residence of the ambassador and maintain the security perimeter 24/7 as required by the chief security officer of the embassy.
  • Local security service- We have a security vehicle at the area, the agents at the vehicle arrive to check the residences in their area as required in order to provide an immediate response when needed.
  • CCTV- We provide a wide range of cctv platforms in order to build a perimeter security at the residences / embassy.

Our agency provides wide range of security platforms to the diplomatic community in Israel 


Israeli based diplomats usually required to plan a visit for a delegation, minister or even prime minister or president during their service in Israel. Sparta is aiming to provide the relevant services for the embassy and become the local operator of all the relevant services including the logistics, transportation, aviation, security, drivers and all other communications with the ISA and the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

We found that our operation manager who managed the aspect of the visit with the other local agencies makes the deferent between a successful visit and a disaster.

Our employees helps the coordination between all forces and manage the visit in a known language and the relevant connections in order to work as planned.