Sparta training division provide courses and training for the elite of the elite in Israel and abroad specializing in close protection, tactical driving, counter terrorism, policing, army training, K9, border control, Krav-Maga and others.

Join us for a training and get a glimpse of what we provide to the government level

Get a glimpse of our government level training


Sparta use few shooting ranges in Israel in order to allow our clients to enjoy the shooting range activity during their planned schedule.

The shooting range activity including special forces and Israeli Security Agency instructors who will provide you an oprturnity to learn how to use pistol and rifles like we teach the IDF and ISA elite operators.

All the shooting training are based on rifles and pistols at 0.22 caliber due to regulations of the Israeli Police

The special forces training including physical training, shooting in various weapons, tactics and methodologies. Join us for more



Join us for a tactical training in a specific field, our instructors will bring you into our world which including intensive training in variety of sectors including shooting combat, using vehicles and maneuvers, intelligence gathering in a city and take part in Spy games. The training for intelligence units in the Israeli agencies

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