Our agency provides a wide range of services to a candidate during the presidential campaign or while maintaining the position as the leader, we use a monitored unique services which help to understand the strategy and analyze the threats and risks on the candidate until the end of the campaign.

A private person who starts to perform day and night, use resources and build a strategy makes an unusual step into public life, this step have to take under consideration the other effects of the candidates life which are an upgraded security, cooperation with local forces in each region, counter surveillance measures in order to minimize the information transferring to the media and to the other candidates.

Our agency provides wide range of investigations to the corporate sector


Security services are the first change in a candidates life, suddenly there is someone who manage your activity and its not an easy task especially when there is flexibility needed.

Sparta has vast experience in the governmental field and the campaign security in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We assign a project manager who manage the appearance according to a specific schedule, rallies and other activities. our experience allows us to use local security services and build a multilayer security platform for the candidate despite the known activities.

A political campaign gathers a lot of followers, adversaries, money and interests, our mission is to monitor all the forces during the campaign without the involvement of the other forces and minimize the threats.  

Private investigation services in the private sector are relevant mostly for high end businesspersons which normally facing conflicts on a daily basis



Sparta operates in multi-zones, using combined abilities in the security, strategic and intelligence we provide a total coverage in order to alert on unusual activity or suspicious activity in advance. We use intelligence tools in order to identify movements during the campaign.

An anti surveillence sweeps taking place in vehicles, planes, offices and private residence keeps the strategy of the campaign safe.

"There are no rules in saving lives or solving an unsolvable problem, all you need is experience and the ability to come up with out of the box solutions"

- Maor Yaacov, CEO