There are endless options if you are looking for upgrade your security systems, software, personal equipment or an upgrading of perimeter security capabilities. We know the market and we identify the specific needs of each client and match the specific technology or equipment at a designated budget.

Our knowledge with the most updated possibilities and means for a private needs or a governmental use allows us to suggest a tailor-made solution, usually our knowledge and history with the manufacturers allows us to provide the products at a minimum price.

There are endless options if you are looking for upgrade the security systems, software, personal gear or a upgrading of a border control services

— Rabindranath Tagore


The elite software companies and HLS (Homeland Security) startups are based in Israel.

Our position allows us to provide the products for our clients in a worldwide spread with a unique prices.
we often develop customized software solutions for our clients which makes it individuale and made for the client.

Our approach to the technology sector usually identifies the needs, suggesting the specific technologies required and delivering it to the client with the guidance and training as needed.

We provide local technology with a global support

— Maor Yaacov, Ceo


Governmental use of technology is divided to endless field of activity, if we will try to identify the main subjects we will find the following:

  • Border control- Will normally need x-ray machines, indicational fence, drones, vehicle scanning systems, face recognition and training for a designated units.
  • VIP protection- rather its for dignitaries or the witness protection program it is essential to use armoured vehicles, jammers, tactical gear, vehicle scan devices, sniffer machine.
  • Maritime security- Will normally use autonomic vessels, GPS based management software, underwater gear for observation.
  • Aviation- there are vast amount of threats on planes world wide, the abilities of the terrorists this days are high and they have the ability to purchase an advanced weaponry, the needs of an alert system, jammer option, anti-cyber software on planes and other technologies are essential.
  • Army & police- Upgrading weapons , rifles, scopes, SWAT personal and team gear.

Governmental use of technology is divided to endless field of activity we know what you need

— Gilbert K. Chesterton


Technology is a critical tool for improving interoperability, meeting the needs of practitioners on the front lines and addressing regional needs, existing infrastructure, cost versus benefits, and sustainability.

This further complexity underscores the need for technology advances in obtaining higher security. Technology deployment is crucial, and technology intensity will be as crucial to a new system of security for this new political landscape as it was for military superiority in the Cold War and the Gulf War.

A new homeland technology entity based on a new organizational model will be central to that technology’s development and deployment. We need both new tools and new ways to build them.