Sparta providing all the training and managed the courses of the witness protection program in the Israel National Police, We have established the new methodology which have been written in order to set a relevant security methods for the unique missions the Israeli National Police in-charge of. The courses we provide are tailor-made to the police and their missions.

The courses are 10 days long, in the courses the trainees learn the basic of security missions, analysis of threats and learn to identify the threats in every scenario. Main topics in the course are as followed:

  • Extensive shooting- A security officer which provide  close protection services have to be accurate and professional while shooting, also use one hand when needed and move or cover the witness as needed during the incident.
  • Krav Maga- The trainees learn basic techniques while walking with the witness, how to react in an incident in a crowed and special techniques of protection.
  • Tactics- The trainees learn how to operate in different scenarios and incidents while walking, while driving and at the safe house.
  • Lectures- The trainees learn how to analyze threats, assess the risks and all the security methodology.