Mr. Poran is the head of the training division at Sparta Security Solutions Ltd.
Prior to Sparta’s establishment, Mr. Poran worked independently as a firearms specialist and chief firearms instructor.

In addition he worked as a security manager and consultant to close protection units around the world in the governmental and private sectors.

Mr. Poran served in the ISA (Israeli Security Agency) as the chief instructor at the service training academy, specializing in firearms tactics and krav maga (Israeli combatives method).
Prior to his last position, he was stationed abroad as an embassy’s  security officer.

Mr. Poran served in the IDF as a commissioned officer for 5 years in the Israeli special forces.

Mr. Poran specializes in combat training, establishing anti-terror units, dignitary protection units, conducting tactical drills as well as tactical firearms training .

Mr. Poran has a wide experience in the security field, working all over the world in Israel, Latin America, Africa and Europe. He is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish.
Mr. Poran holds a bachelor’s degree in strategy and diplomacy from the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya (IDC) and is certified as a security manager (according to Israeli police standards ) by the Homeland Security Academy at the Wingate Institute.